Fediverse.Radio is a hub for amateur radio operators and communities on the Fediverse.

What is the Fediverse? Find our more at fediverse.info and fedi.tips

Mastodon Servers

Mastodon is for "Microblogging" - short messages called "toots".

Other Fediverse services

There's more than just Mastodon! These services offer something different, but still use the same network and can talk to each other.

Miscellaneous other services


Fediverse.Radio runs a WebRing (remember those?)

Maybe you'd like to have a look, or join? ring.fediverse.radio

XMPP (aka Jabber)

If you have a mastodon.radio account you also have an XMPP account, check xmpp.mastodon.radio to get started, and joinJabber.org for more general information.


If you're using a device without Google (e.g. LineageOS with MicroG) you might find getting notifications impossible without leaving apps running all the time. One solution is UnifiedPush, and you can use ntfy.fediverse.radio as the server, if you want.


The translation service on mastodon.radio is powered by LibreTranslate, but you can use it for general stuff too. translate.fediverse.radio.

Up Down Status

Not sure if it's down for you or everyone? Most of the services are monitored and you can see their status at status.fediverse.radio.